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The toolkit is a free and easy to use web portal which guides users through the construction process. It provides step-by-step support to define, manage and validate responsibility for information development and delivery at each stage of the asset lifecycle.

It organises information through a pan-industry classification system, with well-defined levels of graphical detail and information for each stage, as well as a comprehensive set of product information templates.

It is fundamental to the successful delivery of projects to BIM Level 2 by 2016. It will save time, reduce risk and help users follow best practice to deliver better client outcomes during design, construction and operational phases.

The North West and Yorkshire & Humber BIM Hubs have got together with NBS – which is leading the development team – to offer an early view of the toolkit and an opportunity to provide feedback. John McKechnie, BIM Toolkit Project Manager, will take us through the various elements of the toolkit and explain how it works before inviting comments and questions from the audience.

As a pan-industry tool, this event is suitable for professionals of all disciplines. Places are limited so book early.

When                   Thursday 12th March 2015

Where                  Manchester Metropolitan University Student Union, room 6 & 7

Time                      3-5 pm

How to book    Online at

Refreshments will be served