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Thank you for your support and investment in our many CKE activities including thinkBIM, CE and Greenvision.  As part of our work, we always engage with our students and try to ensure the best practices CKE gather can be integrated into teaching delivery.  The QAA benchmark statement acts as a template for all undergraduate awards in the built environment across the UK.  Recently, this statement has been revised.  Personally, I have asked to integrate aspects such as sustainability and BIM into the statement which ultimately shapes the skills set of graduates who enter our sector.  The statement itself in somewhat retrograde in my view and should be encouraged to be more in line with the changing practices in industry.

The document below is calling for consultation from particularly the industry sector.  To date nationally, this has only generated a small number of replies.    I am sure you will all have something to say.  Even if this is a one line comment, that comment will be of great value.

Link to CL-12-16

There is a link to the consultation survey in the actual document but for ease you can also link to the survey here

Many thanks for your time.