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Month: July 2011

Great Green Deal Re-Skilling?

Following on from the depressing news that Construction lacks green, key business and foresight skills, in particular 43% of employers dont feel they understand the implications of green issues,or ability to identify the training needs, are we facing a green deal barrier?

Need for New Skills

We read in the Low Carbon Plan from the Government, (“much re-skilling of the construction industry to deliver the planned targets of greenhouse gas reduction by at least 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050″),  from the IGT Report of the need for green skills, we read that PAS 2030 and codes of conduct will access sustainability skills, training and development. The FMB Cut the Carbon programme focuses on the need for new skills.

Will it turn out OK?

Rob Hopkins in his Transition Handbook, (see my blog back in 2008 time for built environment transition?) in a futures scenario talked about the Great Construction Reskilling, the NEF paper, How it all turned out ok celebrates how we recovered our lack of traditional skills, succeeded in addressing the localism issue and turned energy ineffective buildings into models of zero carbon. (again my blog: How it all turned out OK in 2050)

Who is defining …

But do we have an understanding of what green skills mean? Is it just an understanding of good sustainability awareness (eliminating waste, reducing carbon, buying local etc), Is it technical, natural materials (see the Transition Culture archive for reskilling) or is it something more deeper, profound.

Green Re-skilling starts at the board level…

Do we imply the reskilling is just for operatives, or wider to include supervisors, managers and (in my view essential) board directors and senior managers? Maybe this isn’t a training issue to be lodged with the HR team but one of crucial CSR strategy for organisation? (see A Low Carbon Diet For Construction Boards)

A question then …

What are construction boards, contractors, installers, training organisations, industry bodies doing, plan to do, or indeed have done to understand and address sustainability skills.

(This blog item also appeared on my isite blog and posted to the Groups on Linkedin for comment)

Future of Energy

Our  Green Vision Future of Energy GVis2011 event is shaping up very nicely:

GVis2011 will allow you to engage with leading thinkers in an innovative, exciting new format!

  • Connect with leading building energy thinkers from both UK and globally
  • Share regional, national and international views on the future of energy in buildings
  • Identify opportunities for partnerships, both within sectors, cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary

Pecha Kucha presenters at GVis include:

The line up of quick fire image only presentations will include:

“Affordable Zero Carbon Homes“ Nigel Banks , Keepmoat

“Sustainable Business Management“ Eddie Murphy , Mott Macdonald

“Power usage vs. Power Quality“ Alex Mardipittas , EMS Ltd

“Victorian Terrace to a Code 6 Low Carbon House“ Matthew Hill , LEDA

“Half the Battle: what happens to buildings once the builders have left” Adam Woodhall , People Profit Planet

If you have not already registered to attend in person or follow the conference online please do so by visiting

We will be holding five expert roundtable sessions as follows:

“Gasification and Energy from Waste” Andrew Horsley, Low C Communities Ltd

“Delivering Low Carbon non domestic building stock” John O’Brien, Low Carbon Maintenance and Buildings Ltd

“Taking Solar Thermal to the next stage : how can we maximise the potential of Solar Thermal?” Brian White, Leeds College of Building

“The Green Deal explained” Phyllis Boardman, PB Energy Solutions Ltd

“Microgeneration standards and certification” Tanya Christensen, Consulting with Purpose Ltd

Join the pre-event online discussions on the GVis2011 LinkedIn Group and receive up to date information about this exciting event: GVis2011 LinkedIn Group

Venue: Old Broadcasting House, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9EN



1:30pm –  Welcome and Registration

2:00pm – Keynote Speaker EU Perspective – Armin Mayer, Institute for Building Efficiency

2:15pm – Roundtable Discussion Session A

2:45pm – Refreshments Break

3:00pm – Roundtable Discussion Session B

3:30pm – Keynote Speaker USA Perspective– Freeman Corbin, DECK Monitoring

3:45pm – Pecha Kucha Showcase

4:45pm – Full Panel Debate

5:30pm – Close and GFizz2011

A full invitation flyer is available to download here:Invitation Flyer

Places are still available – please visit the Green Vision website at:

the buzz on building energy futures

GVis2011 is Buzzing. There certainly is a great and even global buzz around the GVis2011 Energy in Buildings programme at the moment, leading up to (and indeed beyond) next weeks online and in person conference in Leeds.

GVis2011 – 7th July The format for this event was recently described as one that could change the way the built environment communicates, collaborates, networks and exchanges knowledge. (Details here: Green Vision conference)

In an industry not traditionally recognised for being at the forefront of technological innovation, Green Vision is set to take the construction sector out of its comfort zone, and prove the importance and power of using technology and online tools to collaborate and communicate,

In addition to keynotes from building energy thought leaders (in The USA and Europe, live via web links) delegates will also be able to debate regional, national and international themes  on the future of energy in buildings in a facilitated round table debate, With live blogging from the tables, and input through twitter from ‘outside the room’ will lead to an exciting afternoons debates.

There is also an opportunity for you to have your say in an energy open mic pecha kucha (20 slides in 6 mins)

The event finishes with a GVfizz, a drinks session to carry on the debate in a more social manner, allowing those who cant get to the afternoon sessions to pop in.

Defintely not an afternoon to miss, either in person for the discussions and networking or through online contributions.

Building Energy Debates Though the Linkedin group GVis2011 there is a vibrant sharing of opinions, thoughts, links and promotion. From Green Deal to there is an opinion! Join in here

The group will continue to debate the outcome from the 7th July. There is also a spill over of ideas and sharing with other linkedin groups such as Green Deal

Global Energy Chat #GVischat

“Buildings of the future may not need any energy technology”

22nd June saw the first of what will be many successful global chats using twitter. Over a fast paced 60mins brainstorm ideas, links, case studies, and futuristic concepts were thrown into the tweetchat pot. The ebook from the tweetchat can be found here.

The main themes of Green Deal, Energy Monitoring/ FM, Energy Supply, Renewables and Futures will be taken to the live event on the 7th July.

An intriguing thread led discussed buildings generating their own energy in such a passive, positive impact manner that will have no need for high tech energy equipment. (see also Net Zero Energy)

GreenBuild Expo Although not directly linked to GVis2011, the theme of energy futures was very evident at this two day Manchester show. GVis2011 partners be2camp ran an afternoon exploring the use of social media within the built environment that show cased many global sustainability themes, including energy futures. Be2camp at GreenBuildExpo

Gvis2011 also took the opportunity to discuss Green Vision work with exhibitors, extending invitations to energy providers,  renewawable technology installers, energy monitoring and energy journals to participate in the programme.

Be2camp Green Deal The GVis2011 Future of Energy discussions will not stop at the event in Leeds. In addition to all the material being shared through be2camp, the key outcomes will be taken to inform yet another be2camp event in London in September that will focus onto the Green Deal agenda.

Green Performance of buildings looks set to become a key theme going forward as set out in this essential reading paper from Clark Brockman: Introducing Net Zero Building—Shifting From Green Building to Green Performance

Join the Buzz, online and or with us on July 7th

If you follow this programme on twitter follow @CKEgroup, @fairsnape @be2camp and the hashtag of #GVis2011 and #GVischat (for the tweetchats)




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