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Month: June 2012

CSR, Construction and the Rio Earth Summit: #GVischat: 20 June 8pm BST

As part of our CSR In Construction Green Vision series, our next tweetchat, (Weds 20th June at 8pm BST), will explore CSR, Construction in the context of the Rio Earth Summit.

Guidance on joining our tweetchats can be found here “How to Tweetchat”


It’s 1992, five years after the Brundtland Commission launched the now well accepted  Sustainable Development definition. Heads of State and environmentalists convened in Rio to agree, or attempt to agree, a strategy to implement the sustainable definition globally.

At that time I was changing role from Project Management to Business Improvement Management, taking an interest in improvement issues and wondered then at the relevance of Rio and ‘sustainability’ on construction.

The impact was to be slow burn. Sustainable construction was then a very rarely heard expression, if at all. However Agenda 21, the global national and local strategy from Rio ’92 would go on to kick start and shape our Sustainable Construction agenda in so many ways, from strategy to standards to winning and delivering work. It would also shape our sustainability thinking linking economic, social as well as environmental aspects.

And continues to do so. Only last month I had a call from a contractor looking for help in understanding a Local Authority PQQ question “How do you meet our Local Agenda21 principles”

20 years later it is worth reflecting on progress in sustainable construction. Undoubtably a mixed bag, we have moved a long way in some areas, but we are still debating the some same 1992 issues a generation later.  And have we avoided compromising the current generation? No

With design, construction and the way we use buildings (the “built environment”) Accounting for 40% of energy use, waste and resources we have a profound impact, but where in Rio +20 is the voice of the built environment? (Follow the hashtag #Rioplus20 and an embyronic Rio twitter list for those with a built environment interest)

Whatever the outcome the Rio+20, with a (perhaps flawed) focus on a Green Economy we can expect significant impact on the way we approach sustainable construction, not least in the financial accounting and price of ‘nature’ (biodiversity, carbon emissions, waste)

Green Economy growth would in many ways be good for the construction sector, but to be good for the planet, good for a sustainable and resilience sector, growth has to be tempered with effective corporate social responsibility, collaborative working and appropriate sourcing. That is doing more with less.

Interesting days ahead…

link – 10 things you need to know about Rioplus20


Thoughts from #CSR in Construction GVis2012 Seminar

Is your PQQ or Bid success rate dopping? Are you loosing out to competitors and not sure why? You could do no better than to get along to one of the numerous best practice or knowledge exchange events such as the excellent Green Vision programme from CKE in Leeds.

Last night the focus was on CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, which has moved a million miles away from just doing good, volunteering and charity donation, important though as these are. No, supply chain CSR approaches in the words of Bob Simpson (Walmart/ex ASDA) have to be ‘contemporary’ and demonstrate value to clients.

Bob went on to emphasis how the supply chain has to demonstrate “a point of difference” through CSR, when bidding for work, that includes:

  • Design Problems out (through BIM for example)
  • Improving site efficiency (maximising considerate constructor scores?)
  • Embracing localism
  • Hating waste in all its forms including energy, carbon, transport
  • Exceeding safety standards
  • Taking the initiative. The supply chains are the experts in construction.

Paul Connell E.on consultant reinforced the same message describing how supply chains adding value to E.on to help them deliver their ambitious Cities Programme of collective intelligence, enabling large organisations to engage with individuals on a meaningful level.

Setting the scene, my CSR presentation focused on the changing world of communications and transparency, and the need for construction not only to be solid and reliable but also innovative in CSR. Particularly in the public sector, where the newly minted Social Value Act will require construction to start to really understand and demonstrate the value of CSR approaches.

There is a storify record of the event here.

This event will befollowed up by a CSR in Construction tweetchat on the 18th June 8pm and the GVIs2012 CSR half day conference on the 5th July 

Corporate Social Responsibility GVIs2012 Half Day Conference

Join us at our Green Vision 2012 Web enabled Half Day Conference

Taking the Corporate Social Responsibility discussion global and building on the success of our earlier seminar, we would like to invite you to our web enabled Building CSR Conference event hosted by Leeds Metropolitan’s Centre for Knowledge Exchange and supported by the Construction Sector Network

Delegates will:

  • ·         Discover the lessons learnt on the Living Building Challenge.
  • ·         Understand the relationship between Building Performance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ·         Participate in two hands-on expert roundtables of their choice on CSR Reporting, the Emerging trends in CSR, Sustainable supply chain management, CSR and Competitive advantage
  • ·         Experience a lively Pecha Kucha presentation showcase covering different aspects of CSR in Construction (Building Performance and CSR  ,Strategic CSR, case studies).

The event will be blogged and discussed live across social media to encourage perspectives from international individuals and organisations that may not be able to attend in person, to give Leeds businesses a wider business vision.

The hashtag for the event is #GVis2012

Green Vision at Leeds Metropolitan University is an open Knowledge Exchange Network focusing its 2012 networking series on Building CSR, to drive the Sustainability agenda in construction.

Web Cast Live!

If you are unable to join us on the day our presentations and roundtables will be available to view live on the day free of charge.

Event Programme

13.00 Welcome and Registration

Paula Widdowson , Director,CSR-I Ltd

13.30 Keynote Speaker

 Mel Starrs, Associate Director, PRP Environmental (tbc)

13.45 Roundtable Discussion Session A

CSR Reporting : A Higher Education Perspective , Mark Warner, Leeds Met Estates

The Living Building Challenge Martin Brown , Eden Bruckman Living Building Challenge

Responsible Supply Chain Management Room4 Consulting Ltd

CSR and Competitive Edge Pedro Pablo

14.45 Refreshments Break

15.00 Roundtable Discussion Session B

(select another roundtable from details outlined in Session A)

16.00 International Keynote Speaker

Maaike Fleur , Associate Director,Global Reporting Initiative

16.30 Pecha Kucha Showcase

Presentations with a twist; presenters are allowed 20 slides and they are auto-advanced every 20 seconds. There is very little scope for ‘death by PowerPoint’ and provide a very engaging and creative presentations.

17.00 Question Panel 


To book your place at the conference, please register online or fill in the booking form. The cost to attend the conference is £40.

If you can’t attend the conference but would like to view it online free of charge, please and we will send you the link the day before the event.

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