Green Vision are pleased to announce that we have partnered with a number of great organisations to bring you three interesting, innovative & stimulating sessions at this year’s Greenbuild and we want to see you there!

10:45 – 11:30, Yellow Seminar Room
Introduction to the Living Building Challenge with Green Vision & Fairsnape
The principles behind the Living Building Challenge are starting to ‘stir the sustainability pot’ encouraging us to think differently how we approach sustainability in design, in construction and in green building certification. This session, led by Martin Brown and Claire Bowles from the Living Building Challenge Collaborative will provide an introduction to the Challenge.
13:00 to 13:45, Blue Seminar Room
Health Buildings with Green Vision & Nigel Sagar, Skanska
Green Vision will focus on Healthy Buildings and the benefits to occupants taking a look at Skanska Color PaletteTM and the Living Building Challenge certification scheme being launched in the UK and the impact of these on healthy materials selection.
13:30 to 15:30, Green Deal Foyer
Sustainability & Social Media with Be2Camp & Greenvision
This BE2 session, curated by co-founders Martin Brown and Paul Wilkinson, will showcase a number of web approaches that address and push built environment sustainability through a series of interactive BE2 talks (TEDx style presentations) from innovative organisations and individuals.

13.30 Welcome, Introduction and Be2Camp Sustainability Manifesto. Martin Brown, @fairsnape

13.40 Your brain as your best renewable building material. Anne Parker @annehydeparker

13.50 The sharing economy for businesses Alex Whitcroft, &Share @alexwhitcroft

5 Min Break

14.05 Sustainability Event sharing across social media, Claire Bowles, Green Vision @lsigreenvision

14:15 Construction Carbons Vassos Chrysostomou, ConstructCO2 @constructco2

14:25 Social Studio, Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Futures, Jenni Barrett UCLAN @meme_cloud

14.35 Scissors, Tweets, Stone: social media the new paper? Claire Thirlwall, Thirwall Associates @thirlwallassoc

5 min Break

14:50 A census of sensors – Internet of things, Mike King, Housahedron @mking007

15:00 Immersive Environments – The Social Building Model, David Burden, DADEN @davidburden

15:10 Immersive BIM – Through the Looking Glass, Vin Sumner Clicks & Links @vinsumner

15:20 BE2 and the Be2Awards 2014 Martin Brown, Be2Camp @be2camp