Key thoughts from Green Vision tweetchats

During 2011, Green Vision held three facilitated and structured tweetchats on built environment green issues, enabling real global conversations and brainstorm exploring thoughts around a specific topic.

Comments and discussions from the chats are fed into and used to inform the physical (and online) Green Vision conferences and seminars held in Leeds.

Looking back over the chat transcripts, this round up is a personal top 12 – the key messages I took away from the chats. I hope that they also inspire you …

Our first tweetchat looked at the Future of Energy in Buildings, where, discussing innovation in energy…

Innovation in energy will come from outside the built environment and be driven by the users of facilities, buildings and energy.

More responsive to the buildings surroundings, the environment and ecology- thus nature all-round holistic.

We need to see more Living buildings that contribute not just consume.

Buildings of the future will have no high tech energy systems – but natural passive approaches.

Our second tweetchat moved on to discuss Eco Refits,

Retrofitting commercial building stock is still the big untapped built environment solution

In-efficient buildings are quality failures, and can be seen as a  failure of CSR

Passivhuas won’t be the best we can do forever – need to think beyond passivhaus.

Communication for eco refit at every level, from the user to designer to the builder, is the solution

The third and final Green Vision tweetchat of 2011 looked at Building Occupant Behaviour:

Low carbon buildings can only be effective with low carbon people. End users and occupants need help and guidance. Lack of attention to occupant behaviour and the way we use buildings is a key factor as to why buildings and facilities do not achieve design performance.

Facilities Management need to engage in the occupant behaviour debate and make it easier for occupants to be involved in energy management, to have more local control, even to the extent of local energy budgets (at team, dept or even individual level), even incentivised

Sustainable leadership (owners/designers/architects/builders) may be too technical and eco-kit orientated. Sustainable leaders of the future will be more social focused.

Occupant behaviour is a discipline that hasn’t been invented as yet

Tweetchats will kick off again for a 2012 season at 8pm GMT on the 11th Jan, looking ahead to what we can expect, or dream of for built environment sustainability in the coming year.


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