How to participate in GVisChat (and just about any other tweetchat!)

1.  Set up a twitter account if you dont have one. This is not essential and you can follow along and read comments on tweetchats without an account. But to partipicate and add comments, you need an account

2. Go to Tweetchat and enter the hashtag of the tweetchat – in the case of Green Vision Tweetchats this would be #GVischat. This enables you to join the chat ‘room’

3 Using Tweetchat the hashtag will be added automatically, however if you use other twitter tools you will need at add the hastag #GVischat to all of your tweets so that your comments appear within the chat, and dont get lost in the twittersphere. (Good facilitators should spot this and RT for you but always good to remember the hashtag)

4 The tweetchat facilitator(s) will most likely keep the discussion going at a good pace by  posting a series of questions labelled  Q1, Q2 etc at intervals.  It is good practice to frame your response to a specific question by starting with A1, A2 etc. This helps make the transcript and summaries easier to follow.

5. You may find there are a few parallel discussions running at any one time. Dont worry, think about it as a chat over coffee in a crowded room – you cant follow or engage with all discussions at the time.

6. You can go back and read all the comments, links, case studies and discussions after the chat through Tweetchat,  by searching for the tweetchat hashtag in google or reading the transcript that is produced by the facilitators.

7. Tweetchats are about participation, learning and sharing, follow good twitter equittete and above all enjoy the chat

8. You may find your twitter stream increases as you contribute and engage with the chat which may not make sense to your regular followers. Most will see you are chatting from the hashtag, but to avoid being seen as spamming you might like to announce that you are in #GVischat tweetchat for the next 60mins. This of course helps bring more people into the chat.

Martin, who tweets as @fairsnape, has participated in and facilitated a number of tweetchats and has produced a more indepth guide to organising chats here.

Notes, notices and transcripts of Green Vision #GVischat tweetchats and the forth coming series of #TBIMchat (ThinkBIM chats) can be found here

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Martin blogs as fairsnape here as an improvement advocate across  a wide range of built environment themes