Question:  who on your board is really championing sustainability and the low carbon agenda?

Board members, as Lucy Marcus reminded us at construcTALKs last month, need to balance continuity with change, to embrace changes in technology with established, proven ways ….

From my experience in (small-medium) construction organisations boards are perhaps too focused on looking back at performance, rather than forwards, and when looking forward tend to do so with the risk-eye of past problems.  And sustainability, only discussed when necessary, as part of a ISOO 14001, project, incident issue.

Too often, as 14001 sits with Health and Safety, sustainability takes a back seat.  Rarely construction boards view sustainability in its widest sense as a critical strategic, opportunity issue, but simply one to be dealt with at project level.

Yet the world is moving forward, and increasingly so towards a low carbon environment and economy. Only those with proven performance and attitude of low carbon approaches may well survive.

All the more reason to have board members to champion change. Non execs tend to provide an independent financial and governance role, but increasingly they should drive the organisation towards change, and give direction towards a low carbon construction economy.

To quote from Lucy, boards need to be both Grounded and Stargazers.

Are construction boards so grounded they go underground? Or do they at least from time to time stand on a hill and gaze the stars to wonder and then to understand what is out there?

Comments appreciated ….