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UKGBC to host 5-day online Living Building Challenge discussion

The UKGBC have announced that as part of this year’s pinpoint discussion series they will be running a number of sessions on the Living Building Challenge

The discussion will start on 3 February with a look at the Living Building Challenge (LBC) accreditation and performance standard for sustainable buildings. Members will be weighing in with their opinions on this progressive rating system that has an underlying sustainability philosophy which incorporates advocacy and governance. Members are also welcome to join in a tweet chat on Thursday 6 February with Amanda Sturgeon, VP of the International Living Futures Institute, developers of the LBC as well as Martin Brown and Claire Bowles of the LBC UK Collaborative. For those interested in learning more about the LBC, check out the supported events section for training days in Leeds (5 February) and London (28 February). UK-GBC members can take advantage of a substantial discount. 

 About the Living Building Challenge

 The Living Building Challenge is a green building certification programme that defines measures of sustainability in the built environment.

The Challenge is comprised of seven performance areas, or ‘Petals’: Site, Water, Energy, Health, Materials, Equity and Beauty. Petals are subdivided into a total of twenty Imperatives, each of which focuses on a specific sphere of influence. This compilation of Imperatives can be applied to almost every conceivable Typology, or project type, be it a building (both renovation of an existing structure, or new construction), infrastructure, landscape or community development.

Materials – our sustainable building blocks

Construction materials are quite literally the building blocks for a truly sustainable design, construction and maintenance industry.

No longer do we to specify and procure materials on function and aesthetics alone, but the consideration of a myriad of economic, environmental and social sustainability aspects is now essential. Balancing these ‘triple bottom line’ aspects brings a new approach to traditional material choice, to value management and engineering exercises, increasingly recognised as ‘appropriate sourcing‘.

Alternative, natural, ‘sustainable’ materials are now established in the choice mix along side the traditional petroleum based products.

Social specification and procurement of materials is key to successful and meaningful localism agendas, whilst also reducing transport miles and carbon. (Up to 70% of a projects construction CO2 is related to transportation of materials to the project)

Consideration of healthy materials is likely to dominate sustainable construction thinking over the next few years, we hear ever-increasing reference to red list materials, in their manufacture, transport, handling, impact on building occupants and disposal.

Waste is now accepted as a  huge driver and factor for sustainable construction. We have made great improvement in waste management over the last decade. Yet maybe we have to step back and understand the recycling spiral loops we have embedded in to our industry, to question whether we are really being resource efficient.

Collectively these emerging material restraints and opportunities are game changers in the world of material specification, procurement, construction and facilities management, and critical to a successful sustainable construction strategy.

Green Vision’s autumn 2012 series tackles the material issue head on, themed around the Cradle to Cradle philospohy with a collection of evening presentations, Tweetchat discussions on alternative materials and modern material specification issues, an online Tweetchat based book club discussion of Cradle to Cradle, culminating  in a half day web enabled conference in Leeds with a Cradle to Cradle keynote speaker.

If you are involved in material selection, specification, manufacture, procurement, construction or maintenance, this autumn series will be of great benefit in increasing your awareness and understanding in this crucial area.

See you there.

Series overview:

15th Oct #GVisChat  Tweetchat Alternative Materials 8pm UK Time

17 Oct Whole Life Thinking  17.30 Leeds, featuring:

‘Drivers for Sustainable Material Choice’ Paul Toyne, WSP

‘A Lifecycle Approach to Sustainable Product Strategies’ Louis Brimacombe, Tata Steel

12th Nov #GVischat Tweetchat  Specifying Green Materials/Red Lists’ 8pm  UK Time

14th Nov Specifying Green 17.30 Leeds, featuring:

‘Green Specifying using NBS Create’ John Gelder, RIBA Enterprises

‘REACH: Impact on Construction Materials’ Dr. Peter Ruifrok, Eagle Rock Life Sciences,

10th Dec #GVischat Cradle to Cradle Tweetchat discussion 8pm UK Time

12th Dec Sustainable Materials 13.30 Leeds OBC  Half Day GVis Conference

To register please click here

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