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Yesterday during Social Media Week in London #smwldn industry thought leaders shared ideas and insights on technology, the built environment and the power of social media. The @Be2TALKs formed part of the built environment awards for social media event, the Be2awards.

Since 2008, Be2camp social media advocates (@fairsnape, @eepaul and @subutcher have been helping the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and related industries think about and deploy Web 2.0 tools and techniques. Once again, it was time for the world’s only awards for social media in the built environment.

Delighted to have been seconded for the award nomination in category of best hybrid event went along for the afternoon of inspiring talks from an excellent cross section of speakers who told stories , inspired , advocated openBIM, encouraged us to future gaze and also to reflect on the ancient practice of mindfulness … and one who even tried to apply the PAS1192 to social media!

BE2 events are a must for those pushing the boundaries in any aspects of the built environment a real meeting of creative , enthusiastic , occasionally uber techy bods in the same room , all tweeting furiously connected simultaneously around an emerging theme which impacts our sector . I think Catherine Thirwall @ThirlwallAssoc put it well when she said that arriving a her first BE2Camp event she felt like she had found ‘her people’ .. great innovative, inspiring individuals and community.

The storify  for the event is here if you fancy having a read through courtesy of @subutcher  . The speakers covered an great range of topics (see below)

David Burden (Daden Ltd; @DavidBurden) – The Third BIM Model

Anne Parker (@AnneHydeParker) – ‘The Cuddle Hormone’: Mindfulness, Sustainable Construction and Social Media

Andy Hudson-Smith (@digitalurban) – Smart Cities: BIM / GIS and the Internet of Things

Gordon O-Neill (Iota Media; @iota_gordon) – Don’t Tell Stories?

Robert Klaschka (Studio Klaschka; @StudioKlaschka) – The future of BIM is open – or: Is Proprietary BIM Unsustainable?

Claire Thirlwall (Thirlwall Associates; @ThirlwallAssoc) – From social media cynic to addict

Duncan Reed (Tekla; @djhreed67) – Sharing BIM data through social media

Proud to be in the room with such a fab bunch of people …if you are just starting out on twitter would recommend all of the above to follow.

BE2Award ThinkBIM

So well done thinkBIM for winning best Hybrid and well done @Be2Awards for running another successful , engaging Be2Awards and Be2Talks …

See you next week for Oct 2 thinkBIM Influencing the supply chain ……. not much space left so book if you’d like to hear real life case studies of BIM