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Well, all the best laid plans as they say.

On Wednesday 29th January we decided to try something a bit different & completely new for ThinkBIM. A live simulcast with presenters in Leeds, London & Dubai presenting on a number of different topics to two BIM-hungry audiences at Leeds Met University and the University of Westminster.

Unfortunately, despite a perfect equipment test only 24 hours before (isn’t that always the way) technical issues with connecting the two sites together meant we had to change the format of the event on the night with London and Leeds speakers presenting to their audiences only. Not what we’d planned or prepared for but we were determined that the attendees would take something useful away from the event.

In Leeds, Olly Thomas from BIM Technologies (presenting a little earlier than he anticipated!) gave his account of Level 2 BIM & the role of the Information Manager giving an overview of the importance of the EIR document (employers information requirements). He was followed by Rob Jackson from Bond Bryan who presented on the finer detail of BS1192 and PAS1192 requirements.

In London, Adrian Malone presented on BIM and the Project Manager. He was then followed by a fascinating presentation from Rachael Park (Mace Group) who set our tbim2014 twitter feed alive with her overview of project/cost management and BIM. Finally it was time to head over to sunny Dubai where Dave Monswhite of Turner & Townsend presented on BIM and PFI.

Following the presentations each site held their own lively panel debate with the audience being invited to ask questions to our assembled experts at each site. 

Overall, despite the connectivity problems we are pleased that we were able to deliver two interesting events at each site & that the attendees in general did feel that they came away having learnt something new.

At thinkBIM we try to push boundaries not just in our content but in how we reach as many people as possible. Whilst collaborative technologies really are the best way we can do this, they can have the downside of things not always working out the way they should. We will be running another Simulcast event once we have held a review of what went wrong this time and we will make it work.

All the presentations from the evening are available on the CKE website here

If you wish to watch the Powerpoint presentation that took place from Leeds follow the link below.

You can also watch the video of the London presentations below (please note there is some slight interference in the early part of the video)