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Can’t be at #greenBIM? Watch online at the link below

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Our #GreenBIM conference on 1st July will be streamed at the link below from 13:10 onwards. Please note that this stream will be showing previous thinkBIM events up until 13:10 when we switch to a live feed.

For logistical reasons we will not be able to stream our round table sessions.

You can also keep up with the twitter stream by following the hashtag #GREENBIM

BIM + FM + Sustainability – joining the dots at our GreenBIM conference on 1st July

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Green Vision and thinkBIM will once again be joining forces on 1st July 2015 to present the third and final GreenBIM conference exploring the theme of sustainability within digital workflows for the Operations and In-Use phase of an asset. This will be the last GreenBIM for a while as we return to separate BIM and Green Vision events in Autumn 2015 so don’t miss your opportunity to have your say! Here is what we are up to,

For our UK keynote you will hear from Nitesh Magdani, Director of Sustainability at BAM Construct UK Ltd. Nitesh will present on the themes of BIM, the links to sustainability and the whole life cycle of projects.
Our international keynote address will come from Bill East, the owner of Prairie Sky Consulting and one of the foremost authorities on COBie, who will present on this game-changing schema for exchanging data that is a fundamental plank of the UK Government Level 2 BIM strategy.



Round Table Discussions

Nitesh Magdani, Director of Sustainability, BAM Construct UK Ltd

“BIM, sustainability and the circular economy”

Mark Whittaker, Business Development Manager, Integral UK Limited

“What tangible cost benefits can BIM bring to the Facilities Management Industry”

Steve Owen, Senior FM Consultant, FM180 Ltd

“How to BIM 4 FM”

Tom Oulton, BIM Manager, Turner & Townsend Project Management

“BIM and the role of the client”








Get those pet peeves banished to room 101 in our new conference segment

What irks you about BIM & sustainability? Let it all out in our new interactive Room 101 conference session.

This is your opportunity to get your frustrations & pet peeves out about any aspect of green building or building information modelling (or both) that irks you.

What would you like to see banished to room 101 to move our industry forward?

Our Room 101 section is modelled on the infamous TV show based on George Orwell’s 1984 and is designed to be a light hearted look at some of the key challenges our industry faces in a lively and engaging way.

How does it work?

Participants will have two minutes with just one background slide to describe their pet peeve. Your pitch needs to convince the audience that your topic, subject or building is worthy, or unworthy enough, to be put into room 101. After listening to all the presentations, the audience will decide by a show of hands which “peeve” wins. There is only space for one so make those pitches count!

Sound good?

Send your pitches to Liz Schofield via
Your topic will be kept a secret, only the organisers will know. We just have one rule “No slide – no pitch”. We want to see your case, creativity and humour all on one slide! Please note, you must be a registered delegate to take part.



BIM and FM. Are we winning yet?

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On the 3rd of June we welcomed around 40 industry professionals to Old Broadcasting House at Leeds Beckett University for the second twilight seminar of our summer series exploring the links between BIM and Facilities Management. We were thrilled to see many new faces in the room with nearly fifty percent of the attendees from a FM background which was a huge  increase from our 2014 asset managemet series where only a smattering of individuals raised their hand during our straw poll of FM professionals in the room.

Progress for thinkBIM then but is that reflected in the FM industry and their adoption of BIM? These were the key questions and themes explored by our two speakers, Mark Whittaker from BIFM North & Integral UK & Martin Ward from Styles and Wood & iSite. The title of this write-up was inspired by this series of tweets after the event which neatly summarises where our seminar showed the FM industry was at, some traction finally but still work to go.


This great slide from Martin Ward particularly resonated (and not just for the Bowie references). What needs to ch-ch-change for BIM adoption in FM to happen?


Our full storify of the event including the live tweets & links is below. Have a read and tell us what you think? Where do you think the FM industry is and where does it need to go?

Please note that if you would like to see a copy of the slides from either of our presenters please email

Join us for GreenBIM on 1st July!

We will be continuing discussions around these themes at our greenBIM conference on 1st July at Squire Patton Boggs in Leeds. For that event we are thrilled to have our International Keynote delivered by Bill East, the owner of Prairie Sky Consulting and one of the foremost authorities on COBie. Our UK keynote will be delivered by Nitesh Magdani, Director of Sustainability at BAM Construct UK who will present on the themes of BIM, the links to sustainability and the whole life cycle of projects. As usual we will be running our highly successful and often evocative round table discussions and will be rounding off with our new Room 101 feature which will be an opportunity for attendees to get off their chest their pet peeves  about BIM and sustainability. What needs to go to room101 to move our industry forward. Full details and booking here

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