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Last month Construction Manager and BIM+ set out to identify the most influential, interesting and informative BIM tweeters worldwide and we are thrilled to see that so many of our ambassadors & supporters made the top 50 list, not to mention our own modest placing at number 42.

The search for the UK’s most influential tweeters was conducted using nominations via the #BIMTwitter50 hashtag combined with social media scores from Klout with assistance from  social media in construction expert Paul Wilkinson @EEPaul .

ThinkBIM Chair Duncan Reed @djhreed67 & two other members of our steering group , Rob Jackson  @bondbryanBIM, Tom Oulton @itsBIMupNorth all made the top 10 with at least 30 other individuals in the list having been previously involved in thinkBIM network events. Topping the list was  BIM Task Group‘s David Philp @ThePhilpster with former thinkBIM chair Stephen Hamil from NBS @StephenHamilNBS coming in 2nd.

Whilst not an exact representation of influence, the #BIMtwitter50 does accurately reflect those individuals & organisations with the most active voices in the online BIM community and who are involved in leading the  discussions & debates as we move towards the deadline for government’s Level 2 BIM mandate. Consequently we are extremely proud to have been included & feel that being part of such an active network of BIM advocates adds real value to what we do at thinkBIM.

Duncan says “It’s gratifying to see that the thinkBIM network is sufficiently well-respected that it has been recognised in the top 50 as a trusted source for BIM information. There are still many issues for the industry to resolve in adopting BIM and we look forward to continuing to deliver our award winning events around those key themes

Thanks to everyone who nominated us. The full list can be viewed at the following link