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Report released by King’s College London

The Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution is proud to release its research report ‘Enabling BIM through Procurement and Contracts’. This report is the culmination of a two-year project working in collaboration with leading individuals and organisations from across the construction industry.

The research was partly grant funded by the Society of Construction Law and the Association of Consultant Architects. The research methodology was agreed by a multi-disciplinary Research Group and comprised reviews of 12 leading BIM projects and confidential interviews with 40 leading practitioners. The research report was also informed by a full day workshop (20 attendees) and a full day conference (115 attendees), following which all those present were issued with a draft of the report and were invited to comment.

You can download the pdf of this research report for free by completing their online form here.  Please note that you will be required to provide your email address as part of this process.