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What good BIM events look like: CIBSE, Henry Boot Construction and the Philpster to headline thinkBIM Spring Series

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Whilst some might suggest Level 2 is the norm and the world of digital construction is sorted here at thinkBIM we know that people are still looking for advice, support and guidance wherever they are on their BIM journey. So we are pleased to offer a high quality Spring series focussed on the Construction and Assembly phase of the lifecycle of a built asset.


Wednesday 3rd February – Twilight seminar

BIM in Yorkshire – a case study in collaboration

We all know its BIM up north and here’s the team to prove it. Henry Boot Construction will be showcasing their BIM journey, the NFB BIM Champion’s programme and an all Yorkshire case study of collaboration for a project in Yeadon.

Speakers include Henry Boot themselves, Watson Batty Architects, Dudleys Civil and Structural Engineers and Frame Deck Ltd, Steel Fabricators


Wednesday 9th March – Twilight seminar

BIM, DfMA and the black art of MEP

We are pleased to be hosting another joint event with CIBSE, this time focussing on how Building Services contractors and manufacturers are developing their digital processes and content to assist project teams.

Expect offsite manufacturing, suppliers content and they are even offering a bit of virtual reality too!


Wednesday 23rd March – half day conference

What good BIM looks like

With only 12 days to go until the Level 2 fanfare we are delighted to announce that David Philp is returning to thinkBIM as a keynote speaker. This conference will showcase some of the best speakers and round table hosts from our illustrious 5 year history. Come and hear from a wide range of professional experts and participate in lively roundtable discussions as we deliver our best in class review of everything digital in construction.


 Click here to book your place!

We are delighted to announce Exactal as our Spring Series sponsor.

Exactal is pleased to be sponsoring the Spring Series of thinkBIM. Exactal creates world-leading & innovative construction software, used in over 70 countries around the world. Our main product, CostX, has fast gained popularity throughout the UK and the world as the leading BIM estimating solution. With intuitive BIM & 2D takeoff, integrated workbooks & customised reports, all in the one program, CostX will make your estimating faster, smarter and more accurate. Visit for more information.




Manufacturer’s Roundtable – Take-Aways

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17056367051_2e806c4d00_oThe latest series at thinkBIM gave product manufacturers a platform to be heard – and to be questioned.

The discussion that followed has been up there with the most passionate of any thinkBIM series I have attended.

The good news for manufacturers is – we’re making progress.

More designers and more contractors are wanting to learn about our BIM content and process. All keen to see how this could benefit their business and how we could work with them in future.

So, when thinkBIM asked me to host roundtables at the #GreenBIM half-day event I jumped at the chance.

The topic I chose related to manufacturer BIM content and a recent post I wrote on the subject: Why Do Specifiers Ignore Your BIM Content?

The sessions provided further insight into the perception and use of manufacturer content. Groups from both sessions agreed on the following five take-aways:

There is no one-size-fits-all answer

Manufacturers need to appreciate differing attitudes and cultures within the design industry to help them deliver the best BIM solution.

Advice: Talk to your specifiers before investing.

When it comes to manufacturer BIM content – be useful

Don’t hinder projects with objects that have massive file sizes or information that isn’t relevant.

Advice: Kye Rooney – BIM Apprentice at East Riding of Yorkshire Council – made a super point: “Don’t go crazy with the 3D!”

Don’t ignore the visualisation aspect of BIM

Clients can now virtually experience a building before construction. As Alex Bill of Laing O’Rourke mentioned in the first session – visuals are now used by contractors to help win bids.

Advice: Having BIM objects could see your products used in visuals. Also consider the possibility of using BIM objects to create your own visuals for marketing purposes.

How do the costs compare to traditional product photography?

What data should manufacturers provide?

When it comes to Level of Information (LOI), what specific data does Facilities Management (FM) need? Manufacturers can provide COBie data, but does this meet FM and client requirements?

Suggestion: The client or FM should drive this. It would be good to have a manufacturer / FM discussion about the data at a future thinkBIM event.

Getting the data values correct

It was clear from discussions about my Guide to BIM Object Data that manufacturers need more help in this area.

Some manufacturers are providing data but not always relevant data, and not always to the correct values. The group agreed that manufacturers need to address this if the data is to be of use further on in the construction process.

Suggestion: Su Butcher suggested a good starting point would be to get the Guide to BIM Object Data into the mainstream, possibly via the BIM4M2 group (BIM for Manufacturers and Manufacturing).


Thanks to all who contributed during these sessions. I look forward to continuing the conversation at future thinkBIM events.

Thought-provoking presentations, lively debate & #bimbeers at last Wednesday’s #TBIM2015

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Wednesday 4th March saw the second event in our thinkBIM Construction and Assembly series, a twilight seminar on BIM 4 Manufacturers in conjunction with BIM4M2 task group. The event featured three presentations and a lively Q & A session which generated much debate & further discussion to take forward to future thinkBIM events.

The full presentations (slides & vocal) from the event are available to view at the link below. Please note, the feed has been edited in parts due to protection of sensitive information.


Please also check out our storify of the event below, summarising the best tweets of the evening

Our next event on 1st April is our #GreenBIM half-day conference featuring  presentations on behavioural change, an update on the NBS Digital Toolkit, a quick fire pecha kucha session and much much more! More info and booking here

Many thanks as always to our supporters


We’ve joined up with the BIM4M2 group to bring you BIM 4 Manufacturing

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The next event in our thinkBIM construction and assembly series will be a joint twilight event with the BIM 4 Manufacturers & Manufacturing Group. on 4th March at Old Broadcasting House in Leeds. The event will start at 17:30 and finish around 19:30.

BIM4M2 is one of the BIM Task Group working groups involving people and organisations concerned with BIM for manufacturers (the organisations) and manufacturing (the process). Members include a healthy mix of manufacturers (SMEs and multi-nationals), consultants and content providers. The group’s long term vision is for the UK construction product manufacturing sector to be recognised as a world leader in the integration of BIM and manufacturing technologies to supply the products and solutions for a sustainable built environment.

Our speakers for this event are:






Chris Witte, Marketing Director for Knauf Insulation @Chrisjwitte

Knauf are a business who has already taken the plunge and have created model objects that are freely available to download for a large proportion of their product range. Chris will be sharing his experiences of this progress.








Alan Balkie, BIM Object @BIMobject

Our second speaker is Alan Baikie, Managing Director for BIM Objects UK. Alan has many years of experience in the construction software industry and now heads up one of the several content creation organisations that are available.

Both Chris and Alan are also key members of the BIM4M2 group – BIM for Manufacturing and Manufacturers with key roles in the Education, Data Templates (PDTs) and Promotion groups within the BIM4M2 organisation







Our third speaker is our good friend of thinkBIM Craig Sewell from Cubicle Centre @cubicle_Craig. Craig is Brand and Marketing Director at Cubicle Centre and has overseen their businesses journey from 2D to 3D, the creation of their own suite of model content and how they are using this to add value for both themselves and their customers.




Thinkbim returns with our spring series #tbim2015

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2015 is now upon us, a year that sees the next general election and the last chance for the UK construction industry to determine how to deliver Level 2 BIM.

Still trying to get to grips with what this all means? Why not come along to our Spring series to hear what contractors and manufacturers are doing to make digital processes work for them.

Dates for your diary

Recycling Data

Wednesday 4th February 2015 17:30 to 19:30

We welcome back our thinkBIM friends BAM Construct to talk about how they are utilising model base workflows to benefit more and more of their business functions


Bim for Manufacturers; a joint event with the BIM4M2 group

Wednesday 4th March 2015 17:30 to 19:30

Hear speakers from BIM 4 Manufacturers and Manufacturing Group discuss their BIM journey to date


GreenBIM Half-day Conference

Wednesday 1st April 2015, 13:30 to 17:30

Following on from our successful first #GreenBIM conference in December we continue to drive the BIM & Sustainability Agenda focusing on the construction & assembly phase of the building life cycle. Check out our write-up of last December’s great inaugural GreenBIM here, where we welcomed a (more than!) full house to discuss key issues around how we can use BIM to make our buildings & building processes more sustainable.





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